01 February 2024

Transparency, choice, value – what you get with Weybridge Vets

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In September 2023 the national news agenda focussed on the pet care industry, as the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) launched an investigation into the rise in charges at veterinary practices.

Following various reports on the launch of the CMA’s investigation, one of the Veterinary trade bodies, the British Veterinary Association, went to work.  The BVA’s President appeared in multiple media to challenge some of the inaccurate accusations levelled by the media; dispelling myths around how vets work in practice; raising awareness of the value of veterinary care; as well as talking about the changes shaping the profession.

Given some of the changes to practices that we were guided to make by our governing body, the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), we thought it was a good idea to address what’s happening on the ground, here at Weybridge Vets. We also thought now was a good time to talk about how to get the most out of an independent veterinary practice like ours.

Defining the ‘price’ of veterinary care

It’s difficult to define a price for quality veterinary care as there are so many variables involved in looking after different pets.  What we do know is that pet owners who invest in sensible preventative pet care measures should generally have lower lifetime pet care costs. This is because the pets will generally be healthier and require less care for avoidable ailments.

That said, new regulations and improvements in the technologies, approaches and procedures that we use to care for pets, have combined with the general increases in cost that all businesses are experiencing, resulting in an increase in our charges.  We have kept these to a minimum and we don’t think the rises that some of our clients may experience outstrip the underlying rate of inflation in a material way.

Cost Vs Value

As an independent veterinary practice servicing Weybridge and the wider area, Weybridge Vets may not be the lowest cost option in the area, but we certainly strive to be the best value.  By choosing an independent practice like ours, you and your pet are:

  • Likely to see the same Vets, Nurses and support staff when you visit.
  • Likely to benefit from the fact we have complete control over the treatment options we can offer you.
  • You will have be able to make informed decisions when it comes to pet-care options that are designed to help you predict & manage the costs of looking after your pet.

This is why Weybridge Vets wants all clients to understand what we do and how we operate.

How you can help to manage your pet care costs

There are several ways to manage the cost of looking after your pet, making the overall cost their veterinary care more predictable.

  1. Just ask, and we’ll be able to give you a very accurate idea of the cost of the basic pet care that your pet will need.  Things like regular check-ups, flea and worm treatments.
  2. Insuring your pet will help to cover the cost of treatment they may require to deal with accidents and other unexpected situations.  Like household and car insurance, not all pet insurance is created equal so you should take care to read the small print to ensure you understand what your pet is covered for.

Finally, there are a number of other pet care scenarios that may not be covered by either of the above.  For these:

  • To facilitate this, we’ll give you an accurate idea of the cost of each treatment option BEFORE we commence treatment. 
  • Adding value & improving outcomes

    Again, as an independent, local veterinary practice we are constantly striving to add value to your experience with us.  From the free weekly pet care articles we publish on this website to the new services, care protocols and procedures we regularly update - our service to you is constantly developing.  All these developments are designed to add value and improve the healthcare outcomes for your pet. 

    There is undeniably a cost to this approach, but there is also a value. A major part of what we do every day is focussed on balancing that cost/value relationship.

    Cost, transparency & value

    In summary, we want you to choose to stay with Weybridge Vets because:

    1. You understand the costs involved in the competent veterinary care we offer
    2. That the costs of care are transparent and predictable
    3. You are clear about the value you are getting from choosing an independent veterinary practice, that is managed by the people you see caring for your pet

    If you are one of our clients, then I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you as we realise you have a choice when it comes to who looks after your pet. 

    If you have any questions regarding the care of your pet, then our team is on hand to answer those, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you are unsure.

    Contact us if you have a question on 01932 855856. To get your pet registered with Weybridge Vets, use our online form below:

    Register your pet

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