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Taking the time to research and then invest in a quality pet insurance policy provides your pet with more options. Whether they need emergency surgery or treatment for a new, underlying health condition, costs at Weybridge Vets can soon begin to mount up. By insuring your pet and claiming for these costs, it is possible you will be able to provide your pet with more veterinary care and alleviate financial pressure simultaneously.

There are four types of insurance policy available:

1. Lifelong cover - typically there is an amount you can claim per condition every calendar year, this will then renew annually.

2. Maximum benefit policies - you will have a maximum amount to claim.

3. Annual policies - these cover a condition from its start date for 12 months which will be excluded after the 12 months end.

4. Accident only cover - covers your pets for accidents and excludes any type of illness

As a third party, Weybridge Vets is unable to advise on specific insurance companies. Your policy is an agreement between you and your chosen insurance company - Weybridge Vets can never guarantee that each claim will be covered by your policy and ultimately, funds outstanding with our practice must be covered by you, as per our Terms & Conditions.

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