22 May 2024

Cat Microchipping: the new regulations

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The UK Government has changed the laws surrounding cat microchips in England. Weybridge Vets wants all cat owners in Surrey to be aware that it is now a legal requirement for all cats over 20 weeks of age to be microchipped by the 10th June 2024.

Learn more about microchipping and book your pet in with our experienced team of cat vets. 

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Why has the law on cat microchipping changed?

In England, as a cat owner you must ensure your cat is fitted with a microchip before the 10th June 2024. After this date, owners can be faced with a fine of £500 for neglecting to microchip their cat.

It used to be recommended and not compulsory to have your pet cat microchipped however, with the increasing number of animals involved in road traffic accidents, becoming lost, stolen or injured whilst away from home, it has been difficult to identify our feline friends. Especially as collars and tags can break or be removed.

The UK Government has made a significant move towards enhancing the safety of England’s cats with this new regulation and it has been warmly welcomed by pet owners across the country.

Your microchip details

Having your cat microchipped is one thing but do remember to keep their microchip details up to date!

The microchip we will use at Weybridge Vets will have a unique reference number that will be registered on a national database. The microchip itself is no larger than a grain of rice and is implanted similarly to how your pet will receive a vaccination, via a special needle.

After registration, it is important to note that the owner is then responsible for keeping the associated personal information up to date on the national database. This is essential in ensuring that you can be reunited with your cat for any reason.

Booking your cat’s microchip appointment with Weybridge Vets

We are urging all cat owners to not delay and book their cat a microchipping appointment sooner rather than later. Protecting your pet and giving you peace of mind should not be delayed until the 10th June 2024.

Our vets can complete microchip implantation during a normal consult at our York Road practice.

Read the official announcement regarding cat microchipping and call us on 01932 855856 to book an appointment for your pet. Alternatively, visit our online booking page today.

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