01 February 2024

Weybridge Vets – the updated RCVS prescribing & new pet guidelines

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Weybridge Vets are now implementing new guidance from our governing body (the RCVS). This affects the way we register and treat new pets, and the prescribing of certain types of medication. 

The new guidance, that came into effect in September 2023, has two key parts to it.

  1. Vets must now undertake a physical examination of every pet before prescribing any antibiotic, anti-fungal, antiviral or anti parasitic treatment.
  2. Vets no longer ‘always need to carry out a physical examination’ to take an animal under our care.

How will this affect you?

The team at Weybridge Vets have interpreted the updated guidelines and have put together the following information. Have a read and contact us on 01932 855856 if you are unsure if this will affect your pet’s care.  Alternatively, fill in our online repeat prescription request form and our team will be in touch if your pet requires an appointment.

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Taking new patients under Weybridge Vets’ care

Although we may still complete an initial physical examination, we no longer always need to in order to take your pet under our care. The initial examination of your pet can now take place via video or telephone consultation rather than in person, unless:

  • We suspect a notifiable disease
  • Antibiotics are required
  • Controlled drugs are required
  • Flea and worm treatments, antivirals or antifungals are required

If we are unable to safely and accurately select any initial medication required on the basis of a virtual consultation then you will need to come in to the practice.

Prescribing prescription medications

The new regulations state that a physical examination of every pet must take place before any antibiotic, anti-fungal, antiviral or anti parasitic treatment can be prescribed.  That means that your pet must be seen by one of our vets if we suspect that they’re affected by the following conditions:  

  • Eye or ear infections
  • Chronic skin conditions where antibiotics are required
  • Suspected Urinary Tract infections
  • Gastrointestinal upsets that may require antibiotic treatment

Weybridge's experienced vets can write you a prescription for flea and worm treatment that covers your pet for 12 months from the date of the initial consultation. However, we can no longer dispense 12-months-worth of treatment in one go. For flea and worm treatments you will need to request boosters over the following 12 months via our repeat prescription service.  Should you wish to change this treatment during the 12 month period, a repeat physical examination by one of our vets will be required.

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The new RCVS regulations

The RCVS have published a detailed article that explains the full extent of the new regulations.

Read the RCVS guidance here

Best practice for independent vets in Weybridge

We believe that the changes to the prescribing regulations were inevitable and are essential to address the rise in resistance to antibiotics. It also will help to control the environmental impact of the uncontrolled use of certain medicines, for instance antibiotics. 

However, in a world that’s already facing a cost of living crisis, we do understand that the new regulations may not be welcomed by some.

We want our clients to know that as a local, independent veterinary practice looking after the pets of Weybridge and the surrounding areas, we remain committed to offering our clients transparency, value and choice when it comes to their pet’s healthcare.

Please contact us about your own pet’s prescriptions on 01932 855856.

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