09 May 2024

Vet nurses in Weybridge share the ultimate dog grooming guide

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Is there more to dog grooming than just getting rid of tangles and dead hair? 

Yes, there is!

Whether your dog is long-haired, wire-haired or short-haired, they are going to need coat brushing and maintenance for sure. But they will need regular attention paying to other areas too. Your favourite Weybridge veterinary nurses are sharing their ultimate dog grooming guide below.

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Before we dive in, we want to share some love; May 2024 marks the 20th anniversary of Veterinary Nurse Awareness Month (VNAM), a celebration of veterinary nurses everywhere for their hard work and the care they provide to pets and people. We know our nursing team would love to hear from you, so why not share how they've helped you and your pet on our Facebook page? Be sure to include the hashtag: #VNAM24

Our ultimate dog grooming guide

Dog grooming goes beyond coat condition and is a vital part of maintaining your pet's health and happiness. Weybridge's nurses share their ultimate guide to dog grooming below:

  1. Quality Bonding Time: Dog grooming strengthens your connection with your best friend while providing calming relaxation for both of you, so groom away!
  2. Health Check: Daily grooming helps you spot any irregularities like lumps, bumps, sores, or parasites early on, ensuring prompt vet attention if needed.
  3. Coat Care: Regular brushing promotes healthy blood circulation and balances natural oils, tailored to your dog's individual needs and coat type. Our Weybridge veterinary nurses can advise you on the right tools and products to use as well as how often to wash your dog.
  4. Comprehensive Care: Check your dog for signs of discomfort or infection; you may notice the signs below or a change in your dog's behaviour. Our nurses can provide demonstrations and assistance for proper care - book a nurse appointment:
    1. EARS: Regular ear cleaning is important. Check for a bad smell, discharge, redness, or more head shaking or ear scratching than usual.
    2. EYES: Look for changes in eye discharge, as well as signs of irritation; eye issues need prompt vet care. You can gently remove normal discharge with a damp cotton ball or pet eye wipe. Avoid using fingers to prevent eye infections.
    3. NOSE: Check for cracked skin, unusual discharge and dryness. A dry nose could be a sign of de-hydration, overexertion, sunburn, illness or allergies, so it's always wise to get it checked out.
    4. TEETH: Daily brushing with pet tooth gel is ideal for maintaining your dog's dental health. Look out for signs like bad breath, yellow/brown substance on the teeth, or difficulty eating, and seek advice from our nurses at Weybridge.
    5. NAILS & PAWS: Dog nails clicking on hard floors means it's probably time for a trim. Clipping black nails can be tricky, so our nurses are here to help. Check paw fur for tangles and pads for cracks too. Book a nurse appointment for nail care and assistance with any paw-related concerns.
  5. A Tail-Wagging Experience: Make grooming a positive experience with plenty of praise, treats, and encouragement for your dog and watch their tail wag with delight!
  6. Stay Alert: If you notice anything concerning during a grooming session, reach out to our team for advice and early intervention. Your dog's wellbeing is our priority.

Weybridge's nurses love helping dog owners keep their pets in tip-top condition and their tails wagging. Book a personalised appointment for your dog at our Weybridge vet practice for tailored advice, including recommendations on techniques and equipment suited to your dog.

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