24 January 2024

Essential 2024 transportation advice for small furry pets

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Small furry pets do not often need to travel. However, for the rare occasions they might do, small furry pet owners can be left confused and unsure on how to safely get their pet from A to B.

Below, the experienced team at Weybridge Vets have summarised the reasons for travelling, and how best to travel with your small furry pet.

If you have any questions after reading this advice, contact us on 01932 855856 or pop over to our Facebook page to ask.

To help you understand how to travel safely with your small pet, whether that’s in a car or on public transport, you can download our helpful guide below..

Download our Small Furry Travel Tick List

When would my small furry pet need to travel?

Visiting us at Weybridge Vets

Our vets in Weybridge recommend vaccinating your rabbits against myxomatosis and VHD1/VHD2. This needs to be completed at our clinic so knowing how to safely travel with your pet is essential. Other small furry pets may also need veterinary attention from time to time, so practicing safe travel is necessary in keeping their stress-levels down during their outings.

Contact us to book a rabbit vaccination or small pet check-up.

Moving to a new home

You may have no plans to move yet, but as our pets are part of our family for a few years, it is worth planning for the long term when it comes to desensitising them to pet travel.

Grooming appointments

Certain long-haired breeds may need regular appointments to be groomed. This will benefit their overall health and wellbeing. Travelling to these appointments can be practiced, ensuring your pet is used to their pet carrier – learn about the best type of carrier and how to travel safely in our guide.

Pet sitting

If you are planning a holiday, you will have thought about pet care. Sometimes, you can get pet sitters to attend to your small furry pet in your home. However, you may need to transport your pet to somebody else’s house if you are using a family member or a friend.

Transporting your pet

There are some essentials to follow when travelling with your small furry pet. The team at Weybridge Vets have summarised this into a handy PDF for you to download - great to keep on your phone in case you or a friend need to transport your small furry pet quickly.

The team at Weybridge Vets understand that every small furry pet is unique. Try to be observant of their behaviour and needs during travel. If they become extremely stressed then call us on 01932 855856 for guidance on how to reduce your pet’s anxiety during travel.

We hope our advice proves helpful for you and your small furry pet and before you go, remember to...

Download our Small Furry Travel Tick List