14 February 2024

Avoid puppy season ‘accidents’ with Weybridge Vets’ dog neutering advice

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Spring marks the beginning of a beautiful season in Surrey. It also marks the onset of 'puppy season’ when the attraction between unneutered male and female dogs will undoubtedly ramp up.

Unplanned litters can be a challenging responsibility. That's why dog neutering is a crucial step to prevent these. In this article, we will explore the reasons why dog neutering is essential for responsible pet ownership and the wellbeing of our furry friends.

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Preventing unplanned litters

Spring is a time when dogs are more likely to roam in search of mates. This increases the chances of pregnancies, which can lead to a number of issues for owners of female dogs, as well as overcrowded animal shelters and homeless puppies (mostly) from strays. To help reduce the influx of spring puppies, being proactive with neutering will actively contribute to reducing the strain on animal shelters and charities across Surrey.

Health benefits for dogs

Neutering can provide several health benefits for dogs. It can help to reduce the risk of certain reproductive cancers and eliminates the possibility of uterine infections in females. Neutered males are less likely to roam, reducing their risk of accidents and injuries and becoming separated from you. Contact us to book a neutering consultation.

Behavioural improvements for dogs

Neutering can also lead to positive changes in your dog's behaviour. It can often reduce territorial marking, aggression, and the desire to roam. This can result in a happier, more well-adjusted pet. Also, without having to worry about pregnancies or mating behaviours, you can provide better daily care and attention to your pet. Being ‘in season’ and phantom pregnancies are no fun for pet or owner.

Financial & health problems

Unplanned litters can lead to unexpected financial burdens, including giving them the best puppy nutrition – ask our team about this. Plus, you will need to ensure they are in good health to be adopted by a new a family, and you will have to carry out the correct research to find their perfect homes. This can be a strain on finances and time. Neutering your dog is a cost-effective way to avoid these unexpected expenses and potential health problems for your female dog during the birth.

In conclusion, neutering your dog is an essential aspect of responsible pet ownership, and it becomes even more critical during puppy season. So as spring arrives, Weybridge Vets is asking owners to consider the benefits of dog neutering and to play their part in creating a better future for our four-legged friends. Contact us on 01932 855856 to discuss dog neutering today.

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