01 December 2023

A guide from Weybridge Vets on your cat’s happiness this winter

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Keeping our feline friends happy this winter can seem a little tricky. Our experienced cat loving team at Weybridge Vets have pulled together the best advice on all the things your cat needs to be happy in the colder months - keep reading below.

We have also included a bonus ‘Festive Happy Cat Guide’ for you to download using the button below! As well as winter weather related issues that can affect your cat’s mood, Christmas can be a time of hazards and stress for them too.

Keep your cat happy this Christmas

Top tips for keeping your cat happy this winter

Weybridge Vets wants owners to know that their cat’s behaviour may be affected once the weather starts to get colder. This often comes hand-in-hand with changes in routine which can leave your cat feeling a little down in the dumps. The 3 main aspects to provide are warmth, stimulation, and comfort. The clinical team at Weybridge Vets have collated their advice below – contact us on 01932 855856 if you would like to discuss your cat’s health and behaviour with us.

Ask us advice or book an appointment for your cat.

Providing warmth

Indoor temperature

Keep your house at a comfortable temperature and use a safe method of heating if leaving your cat unattended. Open fires and gas fires can be very dangerous for pets home alone.

Sunlight exposure

Letting in sunlight through the windows will improve your cat’s mood! We often hears stories of how the windowsills of your home are your cat’s favourite napping spots!

Avoid cold draughts

If your cat has a resting spot, make sure they’re away from draughty areas. If there is a cold draught, try investing in a draught excluder or seal for your door/window to keep the heat in.

Providing stimulation

Indoor playtime

Invest in some toys for your cat that mimic prey movement to keep their brain active. Our team emphasises the importance of making sure you put aside time to play with your cat this winter.

Engage their senses

Puzzle toys, scratching posts, and interactive feeders will help to keep your cat entertained.

Regular grooming

Making time to groom your cat over winter can help them feel pampered and act as a distraction to spending more time indoors. It also allows you to remove excess fur and debris to prevent matting and keep them happy.

Provide climbing spaces

Cats often defy gravity when it comes to climbing, so indoors it shouldn’t be any different! Weybridge Vets recommend installing high-up shelves near windows so they can watch the world go by from above!

Toy rotation

Rotating their toys will help to prevent boredom this winter.

Providing comfort

Cosy sleeping spots

In your cat’s usual sleeping spot, when temperatures drop think about adding in a soft blanket and maybe a heat pad. This will keep them toasty and happy.

Maintain litter box hygiene

You may need to increase your litter box cleaning routine if your cat is spending more time indoors. Make it clean and comfortable for them to help keep them healthy.

Along with the above, we recommend ensuring your feline friend always has access to fresh water and monitoring their food intake over winter – you can ask our team about seasonal changes to nutrition needs for cats.

Plus, regular vet check-ups throughout the year will help to make sure they are not developing any underlying health conditions that could be more prevalent in the colder months. To book a winter health check with Weybridge Vets, contact us on 01932 855856 or book online.

Share these top tips with other cat owners in Surrey and don’t forget to download our Festive Happy Cat Guide too!

Keep your cat happy this Christmas

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